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AWS Athena Services

For extremely fast and interactive query performance.

Amazon Athena is a quick and interactive query service. It helps in analyzing unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data stored in Amazon S3. Athena has multiple built-in services to accelerate data analysis, and with features like serverless architecture, pay-per-query model, and more - it helps enterprises convert data into valuable insights.

Why AWS Athena?

AWS Athena provides:

Extremely Fast Analytics

Athena is readily available and provides lightning-fast analytics through its ability to execute queries in parallel automatically.

Cost Savings

AWS Athena has a unique pay-per-query model that allows you to pay only for the queries that you run. This helps organizations save a lot of costs as they only pay for the relevant service.

Straight Out of the Box Implementation

Since AWS Athena is serverless, it allows us to instantly query and analyzes the data, eliminating the need to set up any server or data warehouse.

Mozo’s AWS Athena Services

MozoCloud helps you with:


We help you utilize AWS Athena by laying down a comprehensive plan to meet your business goals faster, then expand without risk.


After defining your schema, our experts will start querying - and deliver your required insights in seconds.


Our experts manage your AWS Athena environment, provide complete support, and ensure that it keeps working reliably.

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