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Azure Synapse

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Analytics, Evolved

Azure Synapse is a high-speed analytics service known for bringing enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics together. It helps analysts to experiment with massive datasets without compromise. Synapse also allows a unified experience for all analytics operations, helping with immediate BI and machine learning needs.

Why Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse provides:

Unified Experience

Azure Synapse brings down the project development time with a unified experience for developing complete analytics solutions.

Cost Savings

Azure Synapse has a unique pay-as-you-go model for your data warehouse. This helps organizations to move away from a CAPex-based model.


Since Synapse has Azure's advanced security features, it has features like automated threat detection and always-on data encryption built-in.

Mozo’s Azure Synapse Services

MozoCloud helps you with:


We help you utilize Azure Synapse by laying down a comprehensive plan to meet your business goals faster, then expand without risk.


We start by building proof-of-concept prototypes for data lake analytics. Upon successful validation of a prototype, we help you deploy it, and work on your queries - be it predictions or related to the current state.


Our experts manage your Athena environment, provide complete support, and ensure that it keeps working reliably.

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