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The Big League

In the past, decision-makers in the organizations used to ask questions like "How many women aged 24 have bought our makeup box?"

The analytics team would bring up the required database, run a simple query, and tell them the answer. But that answer told the decision-makers nothing. It was just a number. It's hard to form business strategies around a single number. And so, they started asking more questions, like "How many women aged 23-25, located on the east coast, who make incomes between 40k and 100k a year, made at least two posts on Instagram relating to our makeup box using the hashtag #queen?"

Traditional data processing tools were incompetent in handling that request. This is because it requires a vast amount of data, several different points to track, and some of that data (Instagram posts) doesn't even fit into the traditional database framework. Also, queries like this require tracking dozens of different data points, exponentially increasing how much data we need to collect to deliver the answer. This is where Big Data analytics entered the scene. The decade of the 2010s saw the most significant growth in terms of disparate data. The enormous size and scale of this data that more and more people want to data-mine for useful information is Big Data.

Big Data analytics services help to transform this growing amount of data from a confusing mess into valuable insights for the company. With Big Data services, organizations can make easy business decisions - and in some cases, make data the product.

Why Big Data Services?

Big Data Services helps you with:

Cost Reduction

Big Data brings substantial cost reductions - since it helps organizations identify efficient and cost-effective ways for business processes.

Better, Quicker Decision Making

With Big Data analytics, businesses could analyze and make sense of the information immediately and could proceed with the decisions based on what they can see.

Mozo’s Big Data Services

MozoCloud helps you with:


We start by laying down foundational principles to accomplish the Big Data-driven vision. We outline the roadmap of specific business goals to start the process of real analysis.


We start the implementation by aligning the right cloud tools for your Big Data requirements. This involves capturing streaming data, real-time analytics, working on Elastic Hadoop/Spark clusters, and batch analytics. With our Big Data service methodology, we develop a customized analytics framework for you to implement structured and unstructured data from various sources and build your Big Data practice.


Our data scientists handle the complete lifecycle of Big Data implementation. So, we continue with ongoing support and optimization of Big Data deployments.

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