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84% saving in infrastructure costs with migration for insurance giant

Running and maintaining data of clients numbering in millions is a task in itself in this digital age where a mere shutdown of a single minute can cause losses in millions. Insurance companies cannot afford such downtimes. They have to be at their prime 24x7 with flawless service to their customers. “Time is Money,” they say, and it can’t be more true for our client. We worked for one of the largest insurance companies in Europe that offers a variety of insurance types, including home, car, life, and auto, to individuals and businesses. It provided IT services for its partners ranging from server maintenance to infrastructure development and business intelligence.

With a growing business, our client started facing problems of data management and storage. Its data centers present in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific were looking for upgrades. After in-depth research, our client recognized a plethora of problems, such as - minimizing travel needs, compliance with new EU regulations, which obliged insurance undertakings to keep amounts of regulatory capital against unforeseen events and were quick enough to spin up development instances on demand. Their operations team had to travel to different continents to install its systems every few months. It also required high-performance computing machines to perform regular solvency checks for disaster recovery. To develop sales management insurance policy applications, it needed a swift and advanced computing environment as well. On-premise infrastructure was insufficient and incapable of handling this precise and high-level requirement list.

MozoCloud offered its advisory services and post-analysis of existing problems of the organization suggested them to go with cloud computing solutions. AWS was the perfect choice considering the plethora of products it provides. AWS provided services for high-performance computing, risk analysis of customer data, and to create test and development environments for commercial applications.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) let our client develop and test applications in AWS environment that any of their IT employees could launch, even those without skills in using AWS. A custom web console allowed any authorized employee to launch an Amazon EC2 environment, which contains all the software needed for the development as well as the software version manager and the OpenVPN server. A VPN tunnel was developed to reach the Amazon EC2 instance allowing the developer to be up and running in seconds.

Cloud Security was also a major issue for our client. The customer data was blurred into unrecognizable numeric strings and stored as independent units of measure, which was later transferred from network-attached storage on-premise infrastructure into AWS. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is formed and a tunnel is developed to move the data to provisioned I/O operations per second (PIOPS) Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes that are shared to the Amazon EC2 cluster. The executed mathematical process is executed and sent back to the on-premise infrastructure using a VPN tunnel. With this solution, our client has been able to save €100,000 by no longer having to reserve a server for this particular task. The total implementation of this solution was just about half a day.

AWS assessed our client to overcome its challenges and gave the ability to spin up a development environment easily, reduces investments, and increases system flexibility. The on-premises hardware investment for one year cost approximately €100,000, whereas the AWS infrastructure cost the company €16,000 for the same period, a savings of 84%. Our client gained the ability to spin up a supercomputer on demand and shut it down upon task completion, paying only for what the organization uses—which increased its flexibility and decreased costs significantly.

MozoCloud made sure that their in-house IT team was trained enough to provide installations and support services to partner companies without the need to travel. The former small market installations cost between €30,000 and €150,000 per installation; the cost with AWS between €1,200 and €5,000, or as little as less than 1 percent of previous costs. This is just 1–2 percent of the capabilities AWS provides. With additional AWS services, there is still a lot to be done.

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Our client is one of the largest insurance companies based in Europe, with operations spreading across various continents. They offer a variety of insurance types, including home, car, life, and auto, to individuals and businesses. They also provide IT services for their partners ranging from server maintenance to infrastructure development and business intelligence.

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Location: Europe