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How Mozo helped a telecom giant with 60% OpEx savings

With the migration to the Google Cloud platform, Geoverse aims at improving customer satisfaction by increasing the reliability of its services and reducing the cost of operations

Lack of seamless mobile coverage and poor user experience is unfortunately common in many indoor venues. Traditional indoor cellular systems are too costly and complex for enterprise deployment at smaller venues. Geoverse addresses these in-building coverage and capacity challenges with a revolutionary and cost-effective solution. Founded in 2017 in the United States, Geoverse is a mobile network operator leveraging over 30 years of cellular experience and international carrier relationships to offer private LTE networks. 

Geoverse designs and operates private LTE networks that provide a secure, ultra-fast, and reliable internet connection throughout the building, increasing worker productivity, saving time, and improving business credibility. As a result, commercial real estate and enterprises can offer occupants 5-bar cellular service and high-performance data networks. The company's services are used in multiple verticals, including office buildings, logistics, retail, entertainment venues, government, healthcare, and education.

Geoverse built and maintained its systems since the inception of its concept from scratch. But, with the increase in its platform traffic, it became difficult for Geoverse to scale its existing infrastructure, which was both- time-consuming and expensive to run. So, they decided to re-evaluate whether cloud computing can be their go-to option keeping in mind the future of their venture. They wanted increased scalability, flexibility, performance efficiency and security from their systems. To minimize service disruption, they decided to move the on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and execute their migration journey as smoothly as possible.

Geoverse sought help from the experts at MozoCloud and undertook a detailed vendor selection process, ultimately leading to the Google Cloud Platform. Our experts at MozoCloud performed a complete assessment of the current state of Geoverse's on-premise infrastructure. We then designed and led a clear roadmap for the successful migration of its application and services based on all its historical data.

Google Cloud's architecture provided a highly responsive data ecosystem enabling Geoverse source, transform and consume data through the cloud platform. With a phased cutover approach, Geoverse ran thorough tests on the parts of migration before deploying on the cloud. Google Cloud platform provided Geoverse with a global repository that can be accessed from any part of the globe, thus reducing their infrastructure costs. They also leveraged the advance services offered by Google Cloud, such as Business Intelligence and Artificial intelligence, to make insights understandable and accessible for their team and provide desired solutions.

With the help of Google's Kubernetes Engine, multiple clusters were created, and several test migrations were performed. Cloud computing enabled Geoverse to create a replica of its production services, which were further used for load testing. This enabled them to fix the issues revealed in the tests about poorly performing code paths.

Being a cellular network solutions provider, they could not afford the downtime or delays of on-premise infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure provided extensive automatic scalability, which cut-down the usual downtimes and kept customers happy. Security was also a major issue. Google Cloud Platform provided additional layers of security for the network. Service accounts were reconfigured to use built-in public/private key pairs exchanged and controlled by the cloud platform daily.

Since the migration, Geoverse has realized 60% operational savings thanks to the cloud migration and its new DevOps model. It now has simple auto-scaling on the whole network and also reduced the IT department’s reliance on their internal team with more scope of innovation and exploring new domains.

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Geoverse, a subsidiary of ATN International, founded in 2017, is a mobile network operator that provides private cellular network solutions to various enterprises as services. Geoverse has a long term experience and international carrier relationships of over 30 years in this business. Geoverse uses CBRS and a licensed carrier spectrum to build a solution that connects people, things, and data in a cost-effective way that can leverage the upcoming technologies as well, such as 5G.

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Location: USA