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Unleashing sports passion with cutting-edge technology

Using Google Cloud Platform, Fandom Sports managed to enhance customer experience on their sports engagement platform

  • Reduces management burden and depreciates errors with managed services in Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE)
  • Scales automatically to meet jump in demand
  • Low-latency networking improves the quality of the entertainment platform

With an increase in the gaming industry worldwide it is forecast to rise to more than $144 billion by 2018; online gaming is pegged to reach nearly $60 billion by 2020, according to

Founded in 2006 in Canada, Fandom Sports focuses on providing fans with an online platform to unleash their intrinsic sports passions by engaging with other fans, supporting their favorite teams, players and scoffing their opponents. Fandom Sports is a blockchain-based sports entertainment platform in partnership with HHS Technology Group which enables its global reach and telecom-grade platform maintenance and operations.

Fandom’s architecture was basically a monolith, and then the team started adding microservices on top of it. Even though this served the immediate needs of scaling, it led to complicated deployment procedures and big delays when anything went awry.

In the year 2018, Fandom Sports came in contact with MozoCloud, a leading Kubernetes focused Google Cloud Partner. After gaining the knowledge of how Kubernetes can help Fandom scale their operations exponentially, Fandom engaged with MozoCloud to seek expertise on Kubernetes and refactor its cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform, to get the most out of Kubernetes. “With Kubernetes Engine, monitoring and automated repairs are already provided in the infrastructure ensuring the users get a seamless experience with problems that have already been resolved automatically,” Tanuj Soni, Cloud architect, MozoCloud. 

Fandom used Kubernetes engine as its new architecture core, to simplify the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters. To store and manage the container images Fandom used Container Registry and Cloud Memorystate as the database to hold and support secure static assets such as images and configuration files.  Google Stackdriver gave Fandom the capacity to monitor its system in depth. Separately, Fandom ran the stateful services on Compute Engine instances which scale up and down automatically when required.

With the help of Google Cloud Platform, deployment is easier than it could ever be. In conventional systems, one had to log in to the UI and manually copy over settings between browser windows for new releases with fear in mind of having made any mistakes. With Google Cloud, each service now has a single config file. Without having to go near the UI, the services can be modified and versioned after that. 

The current model of infrastructure provides Fandom code deployment less prone to mistakes where problems can easily be tackled and fixed. The platform is a lot more stable now, with an increase in customer and partner satisfaction. The speed of deployment has also increased in comparison to the older architecture. 

With the use of managed services of Kubernetes Engine, Fandom managed to increase the workload without increasing the cost and saving on infrastructure costs as well. Migration to Google Cloud Platform has helped in improving the work culture of Fandom as well hence enabling developers to quickly and easily adapt best practices.

About Fandom Sports

Fandom Sports, founded in 2006, is a sports entertainment and gaming company dead set on discovering and producing the best sports content. Fandom Sports allows passionate fans to unleash their primal sports passions by engaging with other fans, cheering for their favorite teams, players and jeering their opponents.

Industries: Computer Games

Location: Canada