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CI/CD Solutions

For better automation, scaling and governance.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Most organizations follow a rigid process to build their applications. This leads to low code quality and slow time-to-market. The process itself gives rise to poor project management because of the lack of team coordination while merging code.

This is a huge issue, as it leads to delays in critical business decisions and hampers project deployment. This process could be fixed by Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

CI/CD is a solution that helps in rapid deliveries while maintaining a high-quality code. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are two distinct terms with a prominent link: their reliance on automation. Continuous Integration automates the assimilation of code from different developers into a single application project. It reduces development efforts by facilitating early detection of issues.

This results in more predictable delivery cycles and a bug-free cloud-application. Continuous Delivery, on the other hand, is an extension of Continuous Integration. It ensures new changes are released to end-users quickly and sustainably.

Why CI/CD?

A CI/CD solution could help with:

Higher Code Quality, Better Operations

Because testing is automated, breaking changes don't make it to production. CI/CD helps developers dedicate their time to the code rather than the production environment - allowing devs to focus on development and ops to focus on operations.

Faster Revenue Generation

Organizations with CI/CD solution implementation don't have to wait for a manual check to see if the entire code works. Instead, they start generating revenue on features they add and deploy.

Complete Automation

Since there are automated tests, you know that the code is sound and works well. With continuous delivery, they are assured that the code meets the standards - since it is automatically deployed.

Mozo’s CI/CD Solutions

MozoCloud helps you with:

CI/CD Consulting

We help you build a comprehensive CI/CD plan and an actionable roadmap with clear milestones.

CI/CD Implementation

We perform the integration of security tools, technologies, and practices - assisting you with the complete CI/CD workflow.

Hiring CI/CD Experts

We work as your extended team, where you could hire our CI/CD experts and use their services to build robust CI/CD pipelines and adopt CI/CD practices across a portfolio of applications, via time and material engagement.


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