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Cloud Disaster Recovery

For safety, assurance and recovery of complete cloud data.

Weather the storm

Disasters, either natural or humanmade, can occur anytime. With current reliance on data, any downtime can hamper an organization's business continuity and user-experience. Security challenges with risk management, trust, and recovery mechanisms disrupt the normal functioning of cloud providers.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery includes various IT policies, tools, and procedures, which assures vital business systems and applications continue to function despite unsettling events such as natural calamities, cyber-attacks, or even planned upgrades/maintenance that requires shutting down production infrastructures. Minimizing the workload recovery time lowers the cost of system failure for that period of time. It is simple to set up and handle Cloud-based Disaster Recovery. Cloud automates the process of data recovery, assuring swift and hassle-free data recovery.

Why Cloud Disaster Recovery?

Cloud Disaster Recovery helps your organization with:

Flexible Architecture

Cloud-based disaster recovery facilitates you to choose from a variety of options that best suits the requirements of your organization.


Rather than duplicating a complete environment in on-premise infrastructure for recovery, cloud-based recovery is comparatively cheap and easy to manage.

Swift Recovery

The virtualized nature of the cloud allows the storage of different kinds of data and applications, which can be restored in minutes if the system goes down when compared to a non-virtualized environment.


With millions and millions of data coming in every day, cloud-based recovery management can store all of it and restore it in a specified manner.

Why MozoCloud?

MozoCloud prepares an all-inclusive plan for your data and applications and suggests the most suitable platform to build disaster recovery.

Our consultants and technical experts help your organization identify and focus on flexibility coordination between your business processes, applications, and cloud infrastructure to achieve the best solution suitable for your organization exclusively. We assess the possible threats present for your organization, devise a proper resiliency strategy for recovery and restarting your services, implement and test the scenarios in different environments and consequently maintain and monitor resiliency environment.

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Google Cloud

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