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Cloud computing is the technology of today. Multiple organizations are already utilizing cloud services. But how do you monitor something that you don’t possess? A proper monitoring and alerting system need to be at bay to keep a check on the actions running on the cloud platforms.

Cloud Monitoring and Alerting is the process of taking advantage of multiple automated and standard tools to evaluate, monitor, and manage cloud-based architecture, applications, and services. It helps organizations to identify the errors and troubling patterns that occur in their cloud computing process and rectify them before they turn into a severe issue. An effective combination of software tools and human intelligence are needed to build a specific monitoring and alerting system according to the need of your organization.

Why Cloud Monitoring and Alerting?

Cloud Monitoring and Alerting helps with:

Single Platform Monitoring

Data from different data centers is collected to run various simulations and improve the performance matrix of the organization. A proper monitoring platform can help replicate cloud data in the same format as existing infrastructure data and thus further baseline, report, and monitor the combined data to gain maximum performance from the cloud.

Resource Consumption Monitoring

Since the cloud platform is hugely scalable and agile, it is essential to keep a check on IT losing direct control and visibility of the acquired cloud services. Monitoring of cloud resource consumption levels and billings becomes paramount. An advanced monitoring platform allows organizations to baseline and set alerts to be prepared for any spike or drop-in services needed.

User Experience Monitoring

Providing outstanding end-user experience is the most important goal for any organization. A proper monitoring platform can read detailed and specific response times for how and when users interact with the platform, tap how the network is being utilized, get alerts when users from a specific region are encountering slow response times and then analyze and process the data for better results on the go.

Integrated Data Monitoring

Most organizations use multiple cloud platforms to utilize the best of each platform. A sophisticated monitoring platform allows organizations to obtain data from all the platforms, turn all this complex data into uniform metrics, and procure full data picture to determine the best possible route to go ahead for best results.

Why MozoCloud for Cloud Monitoring and Alerting?

MozoCloud understands the importance of monitoring and alerting systems needed for your organization and thus provides services accordingly:


We at MozoCloud devise specific metrics for your organization to monitor various conditions such as availability of physical and virtual resources – compute, storage and networking, utilization of CPU, memory, disk space, traffic on the internal network interface and internet-facing interfaces and combine these factors to produce productive results.


Our experts devise specific monitoring platform for your organization which can report and analyze data from different sources on a single platform, track how much the current cloud services cost, what are the organizations' activity on the cloud and measure response times and frequency of use to get the complete picture of performance and drive optimum results.

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