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Cloud Native Modernization

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Welcome to the New World

Monolithic legacy applications are cumbersome, costly, and hard to maintain. But, a more significant challenge with these apps is that their components cannot deploy separately - making the app hard to scale. Time and again, enterprises have used integrated Java or .Net stack for building their applications. These stacks have various components (frontend, backend, middleware, database, and others) all integrated as one single deployable component within the application server.

This sort of architecture does not allow components to scale independently. Therefore, they cannot get the most significant benefit the cloud offers: scalability. The need for a platform ecosystem has grown, which is why companies are looking to migrate legacy apps and appliances to a cloud native architecture.

Why Cloud Native Modernization?

Modernizing your legacy app to make it cloud-native helps with:

Scalability and Portability

Applications built using a cloud-native architecture could scale based on the need. Cloud-native apps could auto-scale and are inherently portable.

Optimizing Hardware Resource Usage and Cost

Containerizing apps helps with more deployment density. This, in turn, ensures maximum utilization of system resources and fewer costs.

Extensibility and Security

Cloud-native modernization is based on loosely-coupled microservices. This helps remove operational and security risks. Also, using a cloud-native architecture, companies can add or update new modules without having to rebuild entire applications.

Mozo’s Cloud Native Modernization Services

MozoCloud helps you with:


Our architects draw a microservices architecture based on the core business logic intact. We select an approach that minimizes costs and makes applications ready for the cloud.


We build the application based on the five industry-standard characteristics of a cloud native app. We ensure that the app follows the 12-factors, MCDC model (Microservices, Container packaged, Dynamically managed, Cloud agnostic), has an agile self-service infrastructure, and is antifragile.


Our developers keep tabs on the app using real-time monitoring of business processes. We become an extension of your team and help you achieve higher development agility and smaller delivery cycles.

Microsoft Azure

55% reduction in CapEx and flawless gaming experience for a gaming publisher


84% saving in infrastructure costs with migration for insurance giant

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How Mozo helped a telecom giant with 60% OpEx savings


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