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Cloud Operation Services

For faster deployment speed and lower failure rates.

Operation Cloud

Most organizations migrate their workloads to public and hybrid cloud to reap the technology's benefits of cost-effectiveness and efficient resource management. But, fragmented cloud initiatives decrease the productivity of cloud applications.

So, it is crucial to streamline cloud operations and develop proper standards.

Why Cloud Operations Optimization?

A well-structured cloud operations service helps with:

Faster Deployment Speed

Cloud operations optimization automates jobs, which helps save time in production, and bug fixing.

More Deployment Frequency

Optimization of cloud operations helps with frequent deployments. This reduces disruption resulting from infrequent deployments.

Reduction in Failure Rates

Constant support and live monitoring of the cloud have turned into business necessities. Optimization of cloud operations includes monitoring and security that keeps web assets always available.

Mozo’s Cloud Operations Services

MozoCloud helps you with:


We help you with the identification of automation and process improvement opportunities and automation tools. This process involves defining processes, goals, and building a roadmap of your cloud operations journey.


Based on MozoCloud's proprietary RAMP (Respond, Amplify, Manage, Protect) framework, we help you enhance your cloud operations with an all-inclusive security approach.


We help you with monitoring and measuring the performance matrices, continuous deployment, and continuous improvement.

Microsoft Azure

55% reduction in CapEx and flawless gaming experience for a gaming publisher


84% saving in infrastructure costs with migration for insurance giant

Google Cloud

How Mozo helped a telecom giant with 60% OpEx savings


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