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Cloud Risk Control Management

For safe and secure operations on the cloud.

Risk Nothing

For organizations, shifting from on-premise legacy infrastructure to the cloud has several advantages. But this shift also creates new security and privacy challenges. Cybersecurity risk, application management risk, organization legal liability, cloud safety, cloud inventory management, cloud security are various risks that organizations need to address when adopting cloud technology. Hostile entities can abuse the hidden vulnerabilities in the cloud transition, jeopardizing the data of your customers, ergo hampering the confidentiality, incorruptibility, and availability of the data.

Cloud Risk Control Management is a holistic approach to eliminate the vulnerabilities which could occur during the cloud migration process, or even when the application is running on the cloud. This model assesses the possible hazards, prepares a risk assessment plan, implements a risk mitigation strategy, and deploy risk elimination techniques for regular and continuous monitoring of the cloud. Cloud Risk Management Framework provides a disciplined process that assimilates information security and risk control activities into the application development life cycle.

Risks associated with Cloud Management

Here is a list of threats which tells why risk control management in the cloud is necessary:

Reduced Visibility and Control

With the transition to the cloud, organizations lose their visibility and control on data operations. Organizations need to conduct monitoring and analysis of confidential user and personal data, without using network-based tracking and logging, which is currently available for on-premise IT.

Unauthorized Use of Services

Most CSPs allow the use of their PaaS and SaaS services without an organization's IT department consent. Unauthorized cloud services provisioned without the knowledge of the IT department can invite malware infections and data exfiltration risking the resources of the organization.

Jeopardizing Publicly Accessible Management APIs

Unlike on-premise computing, CSP APIs are publicly available on the internet, making them vulnerable to exploitation by hostile entities.

Vulnerabilities among Multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy in the cloud platforms expose the threat of data leakage if separation control among multiple tenants fails. This failure can give an attacker access to the files of the tenant organization from an added cloud organization account.

Data Deletion Confirmation

Data stored in different data centers on the cloud makes it tough to verify its actual deletion. Data can be misused by attackers in various forms, thus resulting in its exploitation.

MozoCloud’s Cloud Risk Management

MozoCloud understands the possible threats existing in the cloud ecosystem and has devised solutions to tackle them firsthand. Here are some of the devised methods to avoid and terminate potential risks:

Security Management

We craft data protection and regulatory compliance solutions to tackle possible threats to the cloud. Our expert team at MozoCloud leverages help from our partner ecosystem to improve security capabilities.


The cloud requires in-house IT professionals to chip in their contribution to develop resistance from future threats. MozoCloud provides extensive training and support to your in-house team, helping them adopt innovative technologies.


MozoCloud provides expertise in the adoption of agile development methodology and safe deployment on the cloud through DevOps. It helps your enterprise stay secure in the cloud environment and shape the organization's development methodologies of the future.

Long-Term Planning

MozoCloud helps your organization develop a long-term strategic plan with CSPs to accelerate cloud offerings. This plan helps your organization utilize tools better, and to manage risks on the cloud platform efficiently.

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