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Cloud Shield

The 2010s saw businesses across the world move to the cloud. The 2020s, however, see a rising concern about the impact of the cloud on security and privacy posture. Enterprises are known to work on hybrid cloud environments that are made up of a complex ecosystem of vendors - who have a mix of dedicated cloud facilities, tools, and various approaches. A continuously changing threat landscape further complicates this situation.

This is where you need integrated security technologies, global threat intelligence, threat shield, and security professionals to deliver a robust and risk-free security solution for your cloud environment.

Why Cloud Security?

Cloud security practices help with:

Threat Protection

Threats and attacks from external entities are on the rise. A cloud implementation with no underlying security framework leads to higher attack surface for perpetrators to exploit. Cloud security practices help to eliminate these threats - thus allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies in regulated industries need to manage and maintain enhanced infrastructures for compliance. These regulations and compliance parameters help them protect personal and financial data. Cloud security services help in this immensely.

High Availability

Constant support and live monitoring of the cloud have turned into business necessities. Cloud monitoring and security keeps web assets, always available.

Mozo’s Cloud Security Services

Mozo’s Cloud Security Services helps with:

Cloud Security Managed Services

Our certified cloud security experts help you with all the know-how and expertise you need to safeguard the cloud.

Cloud Security Strategy

Based on MozoCloud's proprietary RAMP (Respond, Amplify, Manage, Protect) framework, we help you enhance your cloud computing strategy with an all-around security approach.

Infrastructure Security

We lay our security cover right across the extended enterprise and cloud ecosystem. Our solutions help you design, develop, and deploy highly-secure cloud applications.

Intelligent threat detection

We track incidents and collect data that can improve security, and help you build next-generation security intelligence technology, customized according to your cloud needs.

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