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Cloud to Cloud Migration

For improved performance, better services and lower costs.

The Jump

For their cloud needs, a lot of organizations choose between the big three: Google, AWS, or Azure. This choice is made based on multiple business factors such as - cost, reliability, security, and support.

But it is indisputable that every organization's business environment keeps evolving, and the factors that lead them to choose one cloud platform over the others change drastically. This is where organizations start considering a new provider - for a cloud to cloud migration. A successful cloud to cloud migration could potentially bring down the cost, increase security and performance, and provide better support.

Why Cloud to Cloud Migration?

A proper cloud to cloud migration strategy could help you with:

Better Performance

Your cloud performance potentially improves with the new system, and you work with better and more relevant SLA and integration capabilities.

Lower Costs

Switching according to your scale helps lower your costs substantially.


Switching to a platform that fits your needs helps you with better scalability, which would accommodate your business growth.

Mozo’s Cloud to Cloud Migration

MozoCloud helps you with:

Architecture Designing

In cloud, it's all about architecture. Every cloud platform is based on its proprietary architecture. So, it's tough to perform cloud to cloud migration using a simple lift and shift, since there is minimal cross-platform compatibility. Hence, we perform heavy-duty re-architecting of the application code to gain full value of the new platform.

Implementation of Workload Migration

We start working on the workload migration, data migration, standardization, and integration of the workload.

Tuning the target cloud environment

Post workload migration to the cloud platform, the transferred instances go through an improvement stage to configure them according to the cloud environment’s architecture standards.

Final testing and live production

This is the final stage, where migration is successful, and the cloud platform now becomes the live production environment for the migrated workload.

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Google Cloud

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