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For building a reliable cloud roadmap for your organization.

Walking in the Clouds

Embracing the cloud is a big step for organizations. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of the cloud is essential to make the best of it. Factors like security, time, cost calculations to make the shift are variable - depending on the number of tasks and services an organization wants out of the cloud. The shift to the cloud changes the way people work in an organization. Corporate governance issues come with the change in infrastructure used by organizations. A meticulous cloud workshop could help your organization clear these doubts and develop a clear path for the cloud transition.

Cloud workshop provides insights for both the decision-makers and technicians of your organization. It addresses issues such as the identification of cloud frameworks, prioritization of objectives, and upcoming process adjustments requirements. It gives a technical overview of the existing cloud platforms, types of storage systems, migration process, and other technical details - including auditing, balancing, and auto-scaling.

Why Cloud Workshop?

Organizing a cloud workshop eliminates a series of doubts for decision-makers and technicians to choose the best cloud platform. It helps organizations with:

Why MozoCloud?

Our team of expert consultants and cloud architects help you assess the risks and advantages of the cloud to move your legacy applications to the cloud. Our Cloud Workshop methodology assesses your:

Microsoft Azure

55% reduction in CapEx and flawless gaming experience for a gaming publisher


84% saving in infrastructure costs with migration for insurance giant

Google Cloud

How Mozo helped a telecom giant with 60% OpEx savings


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