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Continuous Performance Testing

For better collaboration, easy error rectification and greater agility.

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DevOps requires teams to work on continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment of applications across different platforms. There needs to be a seamless collaboration between operations and development teams to achieve this.

Continuous Performance Testing keeps the application's DevOps operations fine-tuned, and adds tremendous value to the software development and delivery process.

Why Continuous Performance Testing?

Continuous Performance Testing can help with:

Fixing Problems Quickly

With performance testing, monitoring, and logging, one could identify every performance issue and pick up degradation trends quickly - since the KPI and KPMs of apps, APIs and DB queries are captured continuously.

Cost-Effective Fixes

The cost of fixing bugs is much cheaper in the early stages than in production. Small-scale load tests focused on capturing KPI/KPMs can provide fast feedback to developers. This helps to resolve performance issues and bottlenecks in the code at an early stage in the development life cycle, thereby saving a substantial amount.

Latency Fixes

Continuous Performance Testing can help you pick up latency issues, performance degradations, location-specific latency issues, and more.

Performance Tuning

Performance tuning helps in assessing scaling, failover, and recovery, optimize cloud resources, tune your cloud speed and performance, and thus assure your cloud is optimally tuned to your applications and services.

Mozo’s Continuous Performance Testing Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Automated Testing

We help you with automated performance tests, which can be executed at any time - as needed. This flexibility can allow teams to run overnight tests on late changes.

Load Testing

We help you with load testing across the development lifecycle - system-wide, APIs, microservices, and more.

Functional Testing

Performance tests, by nature, add a reliable measure of functional validation. Each functional bug gets caught in the net of our performance testing, and with continuous performance tests - it becomes easier to catch it early.

Microservices Testing

With our automated end-to-end microservices testing services, we ensure that the entire work process flows the right way.

Performance Testing

We help you with end to end support in planning, migration, and cloud deployment evaluation services and provide you with an extensive range of services from managed infrastructure to system support.


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