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DevSecOps Services

For secure application delivery and a quicker time to market.

Securing DevOps

The DevOps era has been revolutionary. Enterprises can easily spin up virtual machines and deploy their workloads seamlessly. But there is a part that organizations often miss out on- security. It is imperative to include security as early as possible in the delivery pipeline. This is where the need for DevSecOps arises.

DevSecOps, or 'Security as Code,' is the concept of implementing security practices in the DevOps process. The goal of using DevSecOps services is to patch holes between IT and security while ensuring safe and quick delivery of code.

Why DevSecOps?

DevSecOps services help with:

Easy Compliance

Compliance, security, governance, and controls can be embedded into the infrastructure via code before deployment.

Hardened Security

Vulnerabilities in the code are easily identifiable. Critical security issues get fixed as they surface, and not after a threat or compromise has occurred.

Collaboration between Teams

Better communication, speed, and agility among teams. DevSecOps helps teams across the organization to respond to change rapidly.

Mozo’s DevSecOps Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

DevSecOps Management

We cover every component - from security engineering and security operations to compliance operations and security science.

DevSecOps Transition

We follow the three-step protocol for a smooth transition towards DevSecOps: assessment of existing security measures, merging of security practices into DevOps, and integration of DevSecOps with the general security operations.


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