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Docker Services

For speeding up deployments, improved security and cost savings.

Docker Who

In the old days, applications ran on Virtual Machines. These machines took up a lot of resources and were slow because they had a lot of overhead (hypervisor, guest OS, and more).

2013 marked the release of Docker - a lightweight container-based technology, where containers had direct access to host OS resources through the docker engine. This meant containers could spin up and spin down very quickly.

Docker services are appealing because this technology makes the application more portable, changing the cornerstone of how IT used to be. With Docker, instead of virtualizing the hardware and software, you virtualize the hardware and give the software a rigidly defined set of interfaces that make it easier to make things that scale, are redundant, and resilient.

Why Docker?

Docker helps with:


Upon testing the containerized application, one can deploy it to a completely different system where Docker is running. The application will exactly perform as they did during testing.

Cost Savings

Docker requires fewer resources to run the application. Hence, companies can save everything from server costs to maintenance workforce.

Better Performance

Containers do not contain an OS, whereas VMs do. Hence, Docker containers have much smaller footprints than VMs, need smaller development cycles, and are quicker to start.


It is lightning fast to create new containers whenever demand arises. With Docker, one can take advantage of a range of container management options when using multiple containers.

Mozo’s Docker Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Docker Consulting

We help you leverage Docker and revamp your technical ecosystem by mapping a balanced implementation of the same.

Docker Implementation

Using our rich experience with Docker, we transform your monolithic application into a modular, containerized app.

Hiring Docker Developers

We work as your extended team, where you could hire our docker developers and use their services via time and material engagement.

Docker Maintenance and Support

We help you manage and support your growing containers with powerful platforms like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

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