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Hybrid Cloud Services

For portability and flexibility of your cloud platform.

Best of Both Worlds

The public cloud provides the benefit of scalability with IaaS, PaaS, and Saas services used profusely. The private cloud provides a secure and safe environment for business-critical applications of the organization. To get the best of both worlds, there is the Hybrid Cloud.

Hybrid Cloud is a computing environment that combines both public cloud and private cloud where less critical applications are present on the off-premise cloud facilities, and mission-critical relevant applications get secured behind the firewall on cloud infrastructure. It provides the advantage of data and application interoperability across platforms (on-premise and cloud) and between architectures (legacy and modern systems). When operations demand spike, the organizations can scale their on-premise infrastructure by making use of the public cloud and transfer non-sensitive computing tasks to it.

Hybrid cloud services are remarkably cost-effective as you can manage the extra workload by its simple and partial shift to the public cloud and maintain limited on-premise infrastructure. The purchase and maintenance of additional resources that may sit idle for a long period won't be a problem anymore and save considerable capital. Hybrid Cloud services are the "best of cloud services" with all the benefits of the cloud - scalability, lower resource cost, flexibility, security with minimum expenditure for your organization.

Why Hybrid Cloud Services?

Hybrid Cloud services solve various difficulties for your organization; here's how:

Workload Distribution

The workload can be distributed according to its nature; dynamic workloads can be assigned to the public cloud, whereas more sensitive workloads can be assigned to the private cloud.

Information Distribution

Crucial data and applications of the client can be stored in the private cloud, and public cloud can be used to run the remaining organization applications.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data Analysis requiring vast chunks of data can be assigned to highly scalable public cloud resources. In contrast, the private cloud can store sensitive data and maintain data security.

Dynamic Processing Capacity

Short-term projects can be allocated to the public cloud at lower costs rather than using your data center's IT infrastructure and save you from overinvesting.

Future-Proof Approach

It is almost impossible to predict what happens next. Hybrid Cloud lets you distribute resources according to your needs- be it in a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure.

Why MozoCloud?

MozoCloud helps your organization choose the best possible combination of cloud services according to your current needs and future requirements:


Our experts help your organization in analyzing and understanding which applications should be migrated to the public cloud and which ones should be kept in the private cloud, creating a clear roadmap and then implementing it with a robust plan.


Our experts at MozoCloud help your organization by providing training and expertise at your very own location to enhance communication with your technical team and pave the way for a smooth transition to the cloud. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your organization to eliminate any possible roadblocks that could occur during your migration journey.


MozoCloud ensures your journey to the cloud is secured with multiple layers of security. In case of emergencies, Mozo's disaster management program comes to the rescue to avoid system downtimes and ensure the smooth functioning of the organization's applications.

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