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Beyond Robotic Process Automation

Mozo's Hyperautomation services can help you achieve real digital transformation. Hyperautomation processes pick up the cream of process automation: the very best flows, tools, and technologies to amplify automation in your work. It still has RPA at its core, and IPA as its companion. What it brings to the table is its ability to rapidly identify and automate all possible business processes, using process mining, AI, and advanced analytics.


Years in process automation


Certified Advanced Developers



Hyperautomation Services

Using UiPath’s cloud-supported platform, we help you accelerate the implementation of Hyperautomation and scale your organization.


Our advanced certified experts select the right use-cases, lay down the flow of the robot, and choose the right pilots for the process. We future-proof the hyperautomation process by determining the need for AI and ML implementation.


We verify the use-case with a hyperautomation pilot for proving value and establish process mining to gain insights into your system. Post this, we develop services based on the use-case - from creating simple screen automation to building cognitive robots.


Depending on your requirements, our hyperautomation experts work with you to iteratively identify processes that need automation, develop workflows, and help you manage your robot workforce.

Microsoft Azure

55% reduction in CapEx and flawless gaming experience for a gaming publisher


84% saving in infrastructure costs with migration for insurance giant

Google Cloud

How Mozo helped a telecom giant with 60% OpEx savings


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