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Managing IT infrastructure used to be a tedious process. Employees had to put servers in place and configure them physically. This manual process would often result in several problems that had to be fixed immediately. The biggest one was cost - the organizations had to hire numerous professionals to perform the necessary tasks. This lead to more employee overhead and management overhead. Not only this, it added to more complexity in communication, availability, scalability, and speed. Since the manual configuration is slow, applications would struggle hard with usage spikes.

Enter: the cloud. Cloud fixed many issues that people faced. It saved the organizations from having to build and maintain their data centers and cut down costs - massively. But at times, the cloud's power proved to be inadequate. While it helped with the infrastructure needs - the inconsistency issues persisted. Whenever different people are performing the configurations, discrepancies mostly exist.

This is where Infrastructure as Code (IaC) came into the scene. Using Infrastructure as Code, organizations could manage IT infrastructure using configuration files. Before IaC, developers had to change configurations to manage their infrastructure manually. With Infrastructure as Code, infrastructure's configuration takes the form of a code file - which is extremely easy and cost-effective to maintain.

Why Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure as Code services help with:

Faster, Efficient Process

It is easy to spin up complete infrastructure by merely running a script. The process is swift and efficient and allows devs to focus on other operations.

Configuration Consistency

Infrastructure setup is standardized - hence, fewer errors and deviations exist. IaC facilitates running applications effortlessly by bringing down the chances of incompatibility problems with infrastructure.


Infrastructure deployment automation helps devs to spend less time in heavy lifting and more time doing innovative tasks. Also, Infrastructure as Code scripts can stop environments' utilization when they're not in use. This helps in saving a massive amount of cloud costs.

Mozo’s Infrastructure as Code Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Infrastructure as Code Development

We write and implement codes to spin up your traditional infrastructure and cloud instances.

Infrastructure as Code Consulting

We assist you in integrating Infrastructure as Code into your automation strategy.

Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager and Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Our cloud-agnostic IaC experts help you with implementation across all the major platforms.


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