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Intelligent Process Automation

For minimizing budget and maximizing resources.

Smarter Processes

Robotic Process Automation has been revolutionary. It has fixed operational inefficiencies for organizations in every sector, cut down costs drastically, and has increased agility. But now that we're entering the next decade, RPA needs to advance with time. There needs to be lesser human interference and more output.

To achieve this, it needs to make predictions and learn from experience to improve the processes. It needs to know exactly what data to look for and where to find it. This is where Intelligent Process Automation steps in.

IPA has cognitive ability, so it is well-suited to work with business processes involving unstructured data. Built on the concept of transfer learning, a model trained on one process can be used for another related process. Because of its learning capabilities, it can be applied to all sorts of use-cases. Intelligent Process Automation could help with faster cycle times, increase in organizational capacity, and reduction of costs.

Why Intelligent Process Automation?

Intelligent Process Automation could help you with:

Competitive Edge

IPA helps you develop never-before built customer experiences. This, in turn, helps you compete more effectively against organizations that are already fully automated, and are said to disrupt your industry.

Better Output

Intelligent Process Automation helps organizations with achieving better output. From reducing the budget and creating experiences for completely novel users to help you adhere to regulations - IPA takes care of it all.

Mozo’s Intelligent Process Automation

MozoCloud helps you with:

IPA Assessment

We help you prioritize your business processes and take into account the complexity, characteristics, and risk involved, using our process assessment tools.

IPA Implementation

We leverage the industry-standard tool for intelligent process automation: UiPath. In addition to tool-based RPA, we develop custom algorithms that precisely fit your needs, and help you with deployment.

IPA Support

We provide L1, L2 and L3 support for robot management to drive continuous process improvement.

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