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Kubernetes Services

For high availability, scalability and quick deployments.

The Linux of the Cloud

Docker and similar container technologies have changed the way we ship server applications. They provide a lightweight solution to bundle them as isolated, and at the same time, portable packages.

But merely shipping apps is not enough. There is still a need to manage the deployments. This is particularly difficult when microservices are involved - since they have a rapidly changing distributed environment.

This is where Kubernetes services could help. Kubernetes is used to manage deployments, and automate and simplify container workflow. It can automate deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications on a group or 'cluster' of servers. Kubernetes also helps in automatic handling of networking, storage, logs, alerting, and more for every container.

Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes helps with:


Kubernetes is efficient in its use of infrastructure resources and offers several valuable features for scalability. It can easily scale horizontally, provide manual scaling, auto-scaling based on CPU utilization or custom metrics, and a replication controller to ensure the cluster has only the specified number of pods (a group of containers) running.

High Availability

Kubernetes, by design, tackles the availability of both applications and infrastructure. It continuously checks the health of nodes and containers, offers self-healing and auto-replacement of containers and pods, and has built-in load balancers.

Hassle-free Deployments

Kubernetes helps to speed up the deployment process. It provides features like automated rollouts and rollbacks, canary deployments to test the new deployment in production in parallel with the previous version, support for a broad spectrum of programming languages and frameworks. Also, it takes care of DNS management, resource monitoring, logging and storage orchestration, sensitive information management, and more - making it a complete deployment tool.

Mozo’s Kubernetes Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Kubernetes Consulting

We help you leverage Kubernetes and revamp your technical ecosystem by mapping a balanced implementation of the same.

Kubernetes Implementation

We work with you to set up and maintain a secure and readily available Kubernetes cluster.

Hiring Kubernetes Developers

We work as your extended team, where you could hire our Kubernetes developers and use their services via time and material engagement.

Kubernetes Maintenance and Support

We help you manage your growing containers with our vast background in providing Kubernetes services to 30+ organizations.

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