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Legacy to Cloud Migration

For faster deployment times, enhanced security and improved disaster recovery.

True Application Modernization

Legacy infrastructure, in time, proves to be a liability for any enterprise. It is inefficient, costly, as well as vulnerable to modern-day threats. Enterprises are now running away from their legacy architecture. The issue for them is not just the skyrocketing costs - but the fact that these applications, made for old infrastructure, are not scalable and are a complete disaster to manage. Moreover, legacy infrastructure and applications slow down performance. These are just a few reasons why enterprises are switching over to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud is a transformational change for any enterprise. It brings substantial advantages with it - including reliability, mobility, reduced operational cost, scalability, and more.

But migrating legacy applications to the cloud platform is not as simple as pick and drop. It is a task that requires careful planning and execution. When executed well, a legacy to cloud migration lowers costs, increases availability, scalability, and helps with faster time-to-market.

Why Cloud Migration?

Apart from direct cost savings, a legacy to cloud migration helps with:


Load on a system in any enterprise keeps fluctuating according to its functionality. Legacy systems have to maintain buffer capacity to keep up with fluctuating spikes of the load. This, in turn, increases costs and hinders support for the system. Cloud platforms have the “Pay-as-you-go” model, which eliminates such obstacles and provides unlimited storage and computational capacity on the go with additional benefits.


It is highly inconvenient for an enterprise with a legacy system to expand to several geographical locations. Every expansion plan introduces enormous capital costs to set up physical infrastructure for legacy systems. Cloud platforms reduce such unnecessary costs and provide on-demand datacenters to run your applications and services.

Mozo’s Legacy to Cloud Migration Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Enterprise Architecture

We collect data and information about your existing enterprise architecture and analyze the needs, requirements, and trends in each of the business units of an organization. Post this, we understand the business strategy and draw up an overview of your enterprise architecture.

Application Rundown

Depending upon the infrastructure and the legacy nature of the applications, our cloud experts perform a quick application rundown. Further, they perform a breakdown of the applications into smaller services - easing out the migration process.

Migration Risk Evaluation

Before migrating legacy applications to the cloud, we conduct a thorough risk evaluation for your infrastructure. Our experts perform all the necessary security and compliance, performance, availability, scalability assessments to avoid any issue during the process of application migration.

Planning and Execution

Our expert consultants and cloud architects engage and create a robust and failure-proof migration plan for your enterprise legacy infrastructure, easing the way for future execution. From the evaluation of the migration plan and actual migration - to the maintenance of the migrated application, we help you build a complete roadmap.

Disassembling Legacy Applications

Due to their aging, legacy applications get accompanied by a slew of problems such as old VMs, network shares, enterprise content management systems, general-purpose file servers, OS compatibility, and more. With the migration of legacy applications, its log files, malware, and log legacy may get transferred as well. We disassemble your application to stop the movement of unnecessary components to the cloud.

Disaster Aversion and Recovery

We help you keep going even during severe outages with our robust cloud disaster aversion and recovery services - which secure and avoid the loss of your data.

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