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Lift and Shift Migration

For an easy and cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Shift ahead

Traditional applications and services running on physical infrastructure - or in-house datacenters, become obsolete with each passing second and lose on the new age technology forefront. This could make or break an enterprise’s fate.

On-premise applications miss capitalizing on huge advantages that the cloud brings to the table. The cloud offers substantial cost savings, rapid deployment speed, automatic software integration, reliability, mobility, unlimited storage capacity, and a ton of other features on the go.

Lift and Shift is a cloud migration process that lets you transfer your in-house applications and workloads to the cloud. The migration is quick and easy since there is minimal to no change in the code, and the architecture of the application shifted. Lift and Shift lets you shift to the cloud environment near-instantaneously, reducing on-premise operational costs in the way.

Why Lift and Shift?

Lift and Shift help with:

Reduction in Operational Costs

Cloud Migration helps save over-provisioned on-premise resources by making use of the cost-effectiveness of native cloud features such as autoscaling and optimal resource SKUs.

No Changes in Architecture

There is minimal to no application-level and architecture-level changes when shifting the application to the cloud.

Quick Deployment

Applications shifted through the Lift and Shift approach have a quick deployment since there are minimal changes required.

Ease of Security and Compliance Management

Security and compliance management is easy with the Lift and Shift approach - since you can transpose the requirements to controls that should be executed against compute, storage, and network resources.

Mozo’s Lift and Shift Migration

MozoCloud helps you with:


Lift and Shift is not merely a simple ‘cut and paste’ of the application. It is a very delicate process that requires proper documentation, roadmaps, and planning. We help you with the same - and plan and execute your complete cloud migration journey.

Platform Selection

We adopt the most suitable cloud platform according to your specifications to utilize the utmost of their products and services.

Development and Support

Applications transferred to the cloud require a bit of tweaking to utilize the cloud computation capabilities best. We help our clients make these critical changes over time without hampering essential business operations.

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