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McKinsey's Strategy Test for Cloud

For a comprehensive review of your cloud adoption methodology.

Strategizing for tomorrow

"Ultimately, a strategy is a way of thinking, not a procedural exercise or a set of frameworks."

McKinsey's remarkable insight "Have you tested your strategy lately" published in January 2011's issue of McKinsey Quarterly has been treated as a benchmark amongst strategy professionals to evaluate their company's strategic positioning since the dawn of this decade. These ten timeless tests have helped hundreds of organizations to evaluate the qualitative nature of their strategy development - but only a few seem to have used them.

At MozoCloud, we use these benchmark strategy tests to evaluate your organization's business strategy.

McKinsey’s Strategy Tests

We understand the importance of a well-laid strategic plan for a smooth and swift cloud journey. Our consultants at MozoCloud use the best strategy analysis techniques to make sure you get on the cloud train without any hassle. We carefully comprehend the answer to the following questions and help you hand in hand to get along smoothly on your cloud journey.

Will your cloud strategy beat the market?

Does your organization has a foolproof plan that is capable of harnessing the advantages of cloud services - to keep it ahead of the current and emerging competition?

Does your cloud strategy tap a true source of advantage?

Does your organization have a positional advantage and control over valuable resources in its respective industry with cloud adoption?

Is your cloud strategy granular about where to compete?

Does your organization target every segment individually, such as customer, geography, and product-using segments on the cloud?

Does your cloud strategy put you ahead of trends?

Is your organization able to make the most of the features available on the cloud to accelerate you ahead of the competition?

Does your cloud strategy rest on privileged insights?

Does your organization have valuable insights about the information, data, and analysis of the cloud market?

Does your cloud strategy embrace uncertainty?

Do you have a backup plan if your go-to cloud plan goes awry?

Does your cloud strategy balance commitment and flexibility?

Is your organization balanced enough to plan for the unplanned as well?

Is your cloud strategy contaminated by bias?

Does your organization have potential biases such as Selection bias, Self-selection bias, Recall bias, or Observer bias regarding the cloud adoption plans?

Is there a conviction to act on your cloud strategy?

Do you have the patience to stick with one plan which is going to define your cloud journey?

Have you translated your cloud strategy into an action plan?

Does your organization have potential biases such as Selection bias, Self-selection bias, Recall bias, or Observer bias regarding the cloud adoption plans?

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