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Microservices Development

For cost-effective, efficient and faster application builds.

Breaking it Down

Companies have relied on a monolithic architecture to build their products since ages. Monolithic applications are rigid and built as a single unit. Hence, just a minor change in a single element necessitates building a completely new version.

With the advent of DevOps, monolithic architectures have been rendered obsolete. The need for greater agility has given rise to the development of microservices architecture.

In a microservices architecture, the application is built using small components that are independently deployable. So, if a single piece of code has to be changed, the development team does not have to build a new version. It can simply make changes to the concerned component without affecting the entire application. This results in making the deployment cost-effective, efficient, and faster.

Why Microservices?

Microservices help with:

Easy Development and Maintenance

Microservice development is based on the concept of simplicity. Applications are easier to create and maintain when they’re split up into smaller, easily developable functionality modules.

Improved Productivity and Speed

Teams can work on isolated components simultaneously and don’t have to wait for other developers to finish developing a particular functionality. This leads to higher productivity, more speed, and less billable time.

Flexibility in Implementation and Speed

Each microservice can be developed using different technologies. This could help you scale your solutions in the future. With development using microservices architecture, you can add new components quickly into the existing architecture and scale at will.

Autonomous, Cross-functional teams

Microservices are an amazing fit for distributed or remote teams. It can be messy and complicated to develop an extensive monolith system if you’re working across the globe - microservices make it easier.

Mozo’s Microservices Development Services

MozoCloud helps you with:

Microservices Assessment

We perform a complete assessment of your application to break the system down into microservices easily.

Microservices Migration

We help you migrate from monolithic apps or legacy system to a robust microservices architecture.

Microservices Integration

We build and manage microservices by implementing an API-led integration strategy.

Microservices Testing

With our automated end-to-end microservices testing service, we ensure that the entire work process flows the right way.

Microservices Maintenance and Support

We support your issues on a long-term basis with our comprehensive DevOps skillset.

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