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Multicloud Services

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The more, the better

Each cloud platform has its advantages - Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and many more such cloud providers. Each one has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks. But, as an organization, how can you get the best from all? Enters Multicloud services.

Multicloud is a strategy that combines different cloud provider services to achieve prerequisite business goals. Cloud assets, software, and applications are distributed among different cloud providers in different configurations such as public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. It enables organizations to avoid systems downtime since if one cloud provider fails to provide required services, other cloud providers can be assigned those services.

Multicloud is different from Hybrid Cloud. Multicloud means the presence of the same cloud application deployment in different cloud providers without any link or integration. Hybrid Clouds use only a single cloud provider for application deployment with different types of configurations such as public cloud and private cloud with integration among them.

Why Muticloud?

Multicloud has several benefits over the conventional cloud services path taken by most naive organizations which fail to explore this route:

Multiple Options

Multicloud strategy allows organizations to pick and choose the best cloud provider according to their requirements. With diversification in needs and requirements, organizations can distribute different resources to specific cloud providers and reduce operations costs.

Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud allows organizations to maintain a high level of security while optimizing cloud computing resources. A single power outage can take down the whole infrastructure where your data is stored, resulting in expensive downtimes. Multicloud facilitates multiple distributions providing resilience and reducing the risk of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

Vendor Lock-in

It is not easy to find all the computing services with a single cloud provider, thus limiting your cloud usage. Single cloud provider forces organizations in vendor lock-in. It becomes difficult for an organization to shift all its services to another cloud service provider when providers try and make their platforms 'sticky' with specific functions and services that differentiate them from their rivals. Multicloud provides a simple solution for all this.

Why MozoCloud?

MozoCloud suggests the best route for cloud services adoption according to your particular organization; here's how:


Our industry-leading experts assess your requirements and deliver the best strategy and solutions for your cloud journey.


Our knowledge with different cloud providers helps us choose the best option for you according to your requirements.


Our experts help your organization manage the security challenges associated with data and applications distributed on different platforms.

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